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Procedure - Most of our series are billed as being for beginners/amateurs. None of us are pros, none of us are racing for thousands of dollars, none of us are or will be perfect.

If you wish to file a protest against a driver, wait 12 hours and then consider it. If you think a valid protest is in order, then you need to give details of what happened and what lap/time stamp. If you're not going to take the time to figure out when something happened, we won't do it for you.

You may file a protest against another driver for a few reasons, as follows:

1 - Driver violates any/all race start procedures

2 - Driver maliciously/purposely wrecks you

3 - Driver uses voice comms/text comms to bash/harass/threaten someone in a reason deemed to be way out of line from the general public

4 - Driver violates the iRacing sporting code

Thanks for submitting!