N4A Playoffs

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Jul 8 Daytona (Noon) 96 laps [Stages at 30/60]

15 Kansas (afternoon) 152 laps [Stages at 40/80]

22 Indianapolis (morning) 80 laps [Stages at 25/50]

29 Road America (sunrise) 37 laps [Stage at 12/24]

Aug 5 Pocono (noon) 70 laps [Stage at 22/44]

12 Las Vegas (night) 152 laps [Stage at 45/90]

19 Martinsville (morning) 185 laps [Stage at 55/110]

26 Charlotte (night) 145 Laps [Stage at 44/88]

Sep 9 Nashville SS (morning) 148 laps [Stage at 45/90]

16 Darlington (sunset) 115 laps [Stage at 34/68]

23 Talladega (afternoon) 83 laps [Stage at 25/50]

30 New Hampshire (morning) 155 laps [Stage at 45/90]

Oct 7 Auto Cub (afternoon) 110 laps {Stage at 34/68]

14 Watkins Glen (sunrise) 64 laps [Stage at 19/38]

21 Chicagoland (night) 100 laps [Stage at 30/60]

28 Daytona (day2night) 88 laps [Stage at 26/52]

Nov 4 Richmond (sunset) 190 laps [Stage at 56/112]

11 Texas (LA) 140 laps [Stage at 39/78]

18 Michigan (noon) 100 laps [Stage at 30/60]

Dec 2 Phoenix (sunrise) 160 laps [Stage at 45/90]

9 Atlanta (afternoon) 145 laps [Stage at 43/86]

16 Homestead (afternoon) 105 laps [Stage at 33/66]

Stage Points = **Stage points are regular points that get added to your total points scored for the race**(deleted with drops)

1st - 10  2nd - 9  3rd - 8  4th - 7  5th - 6   Etc... (We will not throw a caution to end the stages. iRacing creates a chart after a race to show the order of drivers crossing the S/F line every lap. The top 10 drivers crossing the final lap of stage 1/2 will be awarded the stage points) 

Playoff Points = **Playoff points only come in to play for the 12 drivers who make the playoffs once the playoffs begin**

Stage win - 1 pnt

Race win - 3 pnts

Regular season champ - 3 pnts

Bonus Points = Leading a lap earns you 1 bonus points (deleted with drops)

Safety Points = Positive safety points are permanent season points that do not get deleted with drops (excludes playoff drivers). Negative safety points affect your race total on a week to week basis.(basically reverse stage points, deleted with drops)

Finish a race on the lead lap with 8x or less = +3 Safety Points
Finish a race on the lead lap with 9x-12x = +1 Safety Point

1 Mile or less tracks & RC's - 26x or higher = -3 points

Over 1 mile tracks - 20x or higher = -3 points​

Playoffs = A race win will lock you in to the playoffs if you compete in at least 5 regular season races(or in to the next round of the playoffs), unless more than 12 drivers have wins. More wins outranks less wins obviously. Drivers tied in the win category are then split by points standings. If an additional tie breaker is needed, the finishing order of the last race will be utilized. The championship 4 drivers finish the season based on their finishing order in the final race(no points of any kind are involved. The 12 playoff drivers have their points reset to begin the playoffs by setting all drivers to 3000 points plus their respectively earned playoff points from the regular season. The 2nd round drivers points are reset to 4000 points plus their respectively earned playoff points from round 1. The championship 4 drivers have their points reset to 5000 for the final race. Non-playoff drivers continue through the playoff races gaining points/stage points as normal while competing for 11th place and under.