Nascar 4 Amateurs

Monday Nights

Fixed Setup Nascar Gander Trucks

Server opens @ 8:45 PM Eastern for 15 min practice

5 min/3 lap qual @ 9:00  {Qualifying Scrutiny – Moderate}

Start with 75% track usage

Fuel Limit 50%

65 Degree Weather & Dynamic Sky

Fast Repairs – 2

iRating maximum -  2500 and below {hard cap, if you’re over 2500, you can’t get in to the race server}

Double file restarts/lapped cars in rear

Lucky dog/wave arounds are utilized

G/W/C will be limited to 2 attempts

Tire sets - 3 extra sets per race

Setups - We will use default iRacing track specific setups when available.


Class champions will receive a 3 Ft. trophy




This series will have a 30 driver cap for races. Sign-up will be on a first-come/first-serve basis. If you are not on the active driver roster but wish to race, we strongly suggest that you still register to get your name on the wait list and show up for the race in hopes that there will be a vacant spot and you can get in. Any race openings will be filled during qualifying by the wait list in numerical order(top of the wait list and working down). If an active roster driver misses 3 races in a row they will be dropped to the end of the wait list line and the top wait list driver will be moved up to the active roster. Drivers who are not on the active list, or do not fill a vacant slot via the wait list during qualifying, will be dismissed from the race server.


8 race season

2 drop weeks

1st - 45   2nd - 42   3rd - 40   4th - 38   5th - 37   6th - 36   7th - 35   8th - 34   9th - 33   10th - 32   11th -30

12th - 29   13th - 28   14th - 27   15th - 26   16th - 25   17th - 24   18th – 23   19th – 22   20th – 21  21st – 20  22nd – 19 …etc

Provisionals = Real life happens, drop weeks might not be enough for you. Once a driver has made 1 start in a series, they will automatically receive a provisional for any races missed in the remainder of a season. Provisional points are 3 positions less than the lowest finishing driver in an event.


Stage Points = **Stage points are regular points that get added to your total points scored for the race**(deleted with drops)

1st - 10  2nd - 9  3rd - 8  4th - 7  5th - 6   Etc... (We will not throw a caution to end the stages. iRacing creates a chart after a race to show the order of drivers crossing the S/F line every lap. The top 10 drivers crossing the final lap of stage 1/2 will be awarded the stage points)​

Bonus Points = Leading at least 1 lap earns you 1 bonus points (deleted with drops)

Safety Points = Safety points are permanent season points that do not get deleted with drops (excludes playoff drivers). Finish a race within 1 lap of winner and have 8x or less = +3 Safety Points
Tracks 1 mile or larger - 20x = drive thru, 26x = DQ

Tracks smaller than 1 mile - 28x = drive thru, 34x = DQ


Every caution is triggered by some sort of event. Some are easy to see and assign blame, while others require post race review for proper investigation and interpretation. In an effort to curb aggressive driving and prevent intentional cautions, while also allowing actual racing to take place, we have an EOL policy. For every caution that comes out during a race, we will ask if anyone is claiming responsibility for it. If you know/think that you triggered the event that caused the caution to fly, then say so when asked and we will assess you an EOL penalty when we get the "1 to go". For every caution that goes unclaimed, we will conduct a post-race review. We have the right to assign fault to one driver, multiple drivers, or no drivers (and subsequently declare the incident a “racing incident”). For every "fault" assigned to a driver(s), that driver(s) will lose 5 positions from where they finished. [2 faults in a race = loss of 10 positions etc...] We will ONLY assign fault if we deem the fault in an on-track incident to be 100% a)clear and obvious b) overly-aggressive c) intentional/retaliatory.  If a driver(s) is assessed a fault in post-race review but they immediately disconnected following the fault, it will count as having served an EOL. Post-race caution reviews will be published publicly in the Discord for total transparency reasons. A driver(s) who receives a post-race penalty does have the right to appeal via the contact form on the website. [Don't talk about it or text about it. Use the proper appeal/protest procedures or you could be seen as being in violation of the general league/discord rules and may invalidate any appeal or earn yourself a penalty] Drivers also still have the right to file a protest against another driver (as outlined below in the protest section) if they feel something happened during the race that did not trigger a caution or get looked at. We will also be doing a post-race review of the final 2-8 laps of every race to account for things that might not have been reported because they didn't bring out a caution.

All yellow flags will be controlled by iRacing. The only time manual cautions will ever be thrown is if we have a sitting admin or eye in the sky to make that call, or if we are racing on a road course for stage endings.

Race/Comms Etiquette:


Firstly, all iRacing rules/guidelines will apply unless otherwise stated. If it applies to an iRacing official series then it applies here. Black Flags will not be cleared for anything...period. https://ir-core-sites.iracing.com/members/pdfs/20210504-iRacing_Sporting_Code_dated_Apr_23_2021.pdf

If you are involved in an off track situation, pay attention to your relative screen and only merge when it is safe to do so. In general just have some damn courtesy. We are here to foster a fun learning environment. No one here is a pro. Mistakes will be made. Crashes will happen. Unless you think it was intentional we encourage you to shrug it off and move on. Retaliation will not fly here. It will earn you a very quick ban from the league. Bashing other drivers, or even their friends/family, will also not be tolerated. We encourage our drivers to take the high road and not create any enemies/drama within the league.







Commonly questioned Nascar rules straight from the sporting code: Blocking – The leading driver is allowed to run a defensive line. However, blocking occurs when a leading driver actively adjusts his or her driving line based on the actions and/or positioning of a pursuing driver. For example, veering left to prevent a pursuing driver from passing on the left while running on a straight. Drivers can only use the racing surface for Qualifying and Racing. The apron and pit road are not defined as racing surfaces. Drivers may not use the apron or pit road to gain an advantage in Qualifying or Racing. (This is aimed at SuperSpeedways)




Race leader or pole sitter will always go on the green flag to prevent any shenanigans. Race leader/pole sitter will not have lane choice (they will be on the inside). All drivers should maintain a safe and fair gap between cars in all directions. No hanging back in an attempt to jump the start or get a run. If you are the lucky dog, a lapper, or just pitted late, do your best to safely catch the rear of the field and/or get in order prior to the green flag flying. If someone spins their tires on a start/restart, you should check up safely and/or go around on the high side to avoid a BF. Black Flags will not be cleared for anything...period. Treat these races like an official race. Serve the penalty like a grown adult and move on. If you are on the front row and jump the start you should check up to avoid any unfair gains. Failure to do so may result in a protest or post-race penalty. Restarts on RC's will be single file.

Pit Road:


Maintain pit road speed, stay in the outside lane. Do not try to pass and do not block other’s view of their pit box/sign. Do not drive through more than 3 pit boxes when entering/exiting your box. Watch your relative and merge safely back on to the track. Pit access roads are optional on all tracks unless iRacing mandates its use. (I.E. Gateway etc...)


Race Protests:


Procedure - This is billed as an Amateur's league. None of us are pros, none of us are racing for thousands of dollars, none of us are or will be perfect. If you wish to file a protest against a driver, wait 12 hours and then consider it. If you think a valid protest is in order, then you need to give details of what happened and what lap/time stamp. If you're not going to take the time to figure out when something happened, we won't do it for you. You may file a protest against another driver for a few reasons, as follows:

1 - Driver violates any/all race start procedures

2 - Driver maliciously/purposely wrecks you

3 - Driver uses voice comms/text comms to bash/harass/threaten someone in a reason deemed to be way out of line from the general public

4 - Driver violates the iRacing sporting code


To file a protest, utilize the contact/protest form on the website with a minimum of a description of what and when it happened(lap/time/corner). It may take a couple days for review but we will get back to you. If your protest is against a series admin, we will submit it to a third party for review.

**Fair Competition Clause**

iRating is not a perfect system for judging speed, skill, or talent. Any driver that wins 2 championships in any of our designated "amateur" series will have established themselves as not being an "amateur" and will be done competing in that "amateur" series. Any

2-time champions from this series will be bumped to the Friday night Dark Horse Nascar Series.

***Asshole Clause***

If a driver goes rogue and loses their shit in a race, i.e. driving backwards/wrecking people, or even flipping out on voice comms, an admin can/will throw a full course caution so that they can remove that person from the race server and Discord.

All rules and regulations are subject to interpretation by the admins.

We also reserve the right to update the rulebook at any time.

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