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Endurance 4 Amateurs

Wednesday Nights

Fixed Setup GTE/GT3 cars

GTE - BMW M8/Porsche RSR GTE/Corvette C8.R (High DF Sets, 65% Fuel)

GT3 – BMW M4 GT3/Porsche 911 GT3R/Ferrari EVO GT3/Lambo (High DF Sets, 65% Fuel)

Due to massive growth we will be running dual qualifying servers to determine lineups for dual race servers (only if more than 55 drivers show up to qual.)

Dual Qual Servers open at 7:15 PM Eastern. They will be found under hosted sessions and named E4A GTE Qual / E4A GT3 Qual. They will be a 50 min open qual format with moderate scrutiny. The top 60% of each class will race in the live broadcast E4A Premier server. Bottom 40% will race in the 90 min E4A Challenger Server. After week 3, the top 3 in points for each class will be locked in to the Premier Server on a week by week basis. 

Premier Race Server opens @ 8:25 PM Eastern under hosted sessions and will require a password to join. You will be told at the end of your qual server what race server you qualified for and the Premier Server Password

10 min practice - 10 min/2 lap qual {Qualifying Scrutiny – Moderate}

Grid/Green flag @ 8:45 (100 min race)

Challenger Race Server opens @ 8:35 PM Eastern under hosted sessions. You will be told at the end of your qual server what race server you qualified for.

10 min practice - 10 min/2 lap qual {Qualifying Scrutiny - Moderate}

Grid/Green Flag @ 8:55 (90 min race)


Track Usage 50%

Dynamic Weather/ Dynamic Sky

Fast Repairs – 1

30 incs = Stop-N-Go penalty

iRating maximum -  2500 and below {hard cap, if you’re over 2500, you can’t get in to the race server}

Fixed sets can be found here (top right)

Server Splitting: 

At the end of the 50 min open qual portion of your qual server there will be a 10 min race, (it's for fun, run it if ya want) but please stay in the qual server while the admins organize the race splits. We will tell you via the in-game comms/text chat of those qual servers which race server you need to join next and the password needed for the E4A Premier Server. If you are late, skip and/or fail to post a time for the qual servers then you go directly to the Challenger Race Server. If you join the wrong race server an admin will kick you out so you can go join the right one. If we only have 55 drivers in qual servers, then we will all squeeze in to the Premier Race Server. If that happens, and someone comes out of the blue and joins the Premier Race Server, pushing us over 55, they will be removed from the race and given last place points. 


13 race season

4 drop weeks (only your best 10 finishes count)

Points are calculated/maintained separately by car class

Championship plaque from AlienAwards.net for each class champion

1st - 30   2nd - 28   3rd - 26   4th - 24   5th - 23   6th - 22   7th - 21   8th - 20   9th - 19   10th - 18   11th - 17   12th - 16

13th - 15   14th - 14   15th - 13   16th - 12   17th - 11   18th - 10   19th - 9   20th – 8   etc....


Any tie breakers in final standings will be broken by race wins. If further tie breaker is needed it will be decided by finishing position in final race(wk 13)


Safety Bonus Points: 1 pnt for 9 incs or less

A driver must finish within 1 lap of class winner to gain safety bonus point

Bonus points are permanent, they do not get dropped with your 3 drop weeks

*Provisionals* - Real life happens, drop weeks might not be enough for you. If you know you are going to miss a race you can request a provisional which will give you 1 point less than last place earns in the race you miss.(if you are top 3 in points you will receive last place points from premier server) You must request a provisional before the race server opens. To request a provisional, utilize the contact/protest form on the website.

Dual Server points - 1st place in Challenger Server will receive 2 points more than last place in Premier Server, think of it as a 3 pnt bonus for winning on the Challenger Server. 2nd place in the Challenger Race Server will receive the same points as last place in the Premier Race Server. 


Race/Comms Etiquette:


Firstly, all iRacing rules/guidelines will apply unless otherwise stated. If it applies to an iRacing official series then it applies here. Black Flags will not be cleared for anything...period. https://ir-core-sites.iracing.com/members/pdfs/20210504-iRacing_Sporting_Code_dated_Apr_23_2021.pdf

If you are involved in an off track situation, pay attention to your relative screen and only merge when it is safe to do so. In general just have some damn courtesy. We are here to foster a fun learning environment. No one here is a pro. Mistakes will be made. Crashes will happen. Unless you think it was intentional we encourage you to shrug it off and move on. Retaliation will not fly here. It will earn you a very quick ban from the league. Bashing other drivers, or even their friends/family, will also not be tolerated. We encourage our drivers to take the high road and not create any enemies/drama within the league.





GTE - GTE pole sitter starts to roll, rest of the field falls in to a single file line with safe distance between cars. GTE field will "GO" on the green flag. No one is allowed to make a move or pass until after turn 1 (may be extended based on track)

GT3 - GT3 field starts to roll, pole sitter watches his relative to allow a 2 second gap to rear GTE car. Rest of the field falls in to a single file line with safe distance between cars. GT3 pole sitter will "GO" on the green flag. No one is allowed to make a move or pass until after turn 1 (may be extended based on track)

It is the drivers responsibility to assess where they are at on the track (i.e. chicane/corner) and conduct a safe start

Penalty - A driver found in violation of the start procedures will be assessed a 5 point penalty. A second offense will be 10 points. Third strike and you'll be parked for a race. Don't make it to a 4th incident.

**If a driver wrecks another driver on lap 1 and the sitting race steward is able to determine fault, that driver will be given a Stop-N-Go penalty**


Race Protests:


Procedure - This is billed as an Amateur's league. None of us are pros, none of us are racing for thousands of dollars, none of us are or will be perfect. If you wish to file a protest against a driver, wait 12 hours and then consider it. If you think a valid protest is in order, then you need to give details of what happened and what lap/time stamp. If you're not going to take the time to figure out when something happened, we won't do it for you. You may file a protest against another driver for a few reasons, as follows:

1 - Driver violates any/all race start procedures

2 - Driver maliciously/purposely wrecks you

3 - Driver uses voice comms/text comms to bash/harass/threaten someone in a reason deemed to be way out of line from the general public

4 - Driver violates the iRacing sporting code


To file a protest, utilize the contact/protest form on the website with a minimum of a description of what and when it happened(lap/time/corner). It may take a couple days for review but we will get back to you.

**Fair Competition Clause**

iRating is not a perfect system for judging speed, skill, or talent. We have decided that a driver who wins 3 championships in a series will have established themselves as not being an amateur and will be done competing in that amateur series.

***Asshole Clause***

If a driver goes rogue and loses their shit in a race, i.e. driving backwards/wrecking people, or even flipping out on voice comms, an admin can/will throw a full course caution so that they can remove that person from the race server and Discord.